Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Well, this years Christmas gift guide comes a bit later than usual, so I apologise to those of you who have started shopping already. This should be the most comprehensive showcase yet on account of my ever-growing list of contacts, but there are a few old favourites from the likes of Chase & Wonder and Lovely Pigeon. I’ve tried to pick from a mixture of gifts – some more expensive than others and a range across both of the sexes; so people in search of gifts for men, fear not!

I hope you have just as much fun browsing through this collection as I did when compiling it and, although its only mid-November, have a fantastic Christmas!

Book review: Swissted by Mike Joyce

Swissted by Mike Joyce

As an avid ’70s & ’80s music fan, I was excited to get my hands on Mike Joyce’s new book Swissted; a unique collection of vintage rock and indie posters redesigned in a Swiss inspired format. Bold and eye catching, his work features many great bands such as: The Smiths, David Bowie, The Cure, New Order and the Pixies.  All set in Akzidenz-Grotesk medium type with striking shapes and colours, the posters are a type lovers dream and represent pure and simple graphic design. The best part is that all 200 pieces are on their own microperforated page, enabling you to pull out and pin-up  at your leisure. But be warned, before you know it you’ll have no book left, so go easy on it!

Gifts for Dapper Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide

First of all, (for those of you that may have forgotten) Father’s Day is on the 16th June which still gives you plenty of time to buy something. Now, we all know that it can be a little difficult to buy for men (just a stereotype of course!) and so hopefully this mini gift guide will give you some inspiration on what to get your Dad/Daddy/Father/Pa/Pop/Papa for Father’s Day…

We need contributors!

We need contributors!

We are in need of some contributors who have a passion for design/music/photography, who would be willing to write posts for the blog (unpaid unfortunately).  If you are a designer & are interested in featuring your work on the blog or just have a genuine interest in the above areas, then don’t hesitate to send us an email:

12 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day Cards

It’s once again that time of year where we turn our attention to that funny thing called love; where people already in a relationship are reminded to try a little harder, and those yet to find someone are able express their true feelings, without feeling overexposed. I, personally, think that a much better way to express your feelings is through cards that are a bit more unique and special, rather than the usual sentiments which are far too ‘lovey-dovey’ for me.

The following are 10+ ways to tell that special someone how you really feel…